Crystal Football on Pedestal Stand Award - 3 Sizes

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Available in the following Sizes/SKUs/Prices
  • 8-3/8"H x 3"L x 3"W - C1023S - $100
  • 9.5"H x 3.5"L x 3.5"W - C1023M - $115
  • 11"H x 4"L x 4"W - C1023L - $135
 The great, uniquely American sport of football is a true
test of grit and determination. Every victory comes with
the dedication of the team as a whole, and the coach
utting in countless hours on the field. This trophy is the
ultimate recognition of that combined team effort, and
celebrates the best qualities of the game. The optic
crystal trunk and base have bevels which refract the
light from the bottom to the very top the football,
showcasing the pristine quality.